Top 10 Newborn Baby Essentials For Expectant Parents

Preparing to meet your little one can be overwhelming, but here at My Baby & Me we’ve made it simple. Knowing what to shop for is key, so we’ve developed the perfect guide to cut out all the guess work. This essentials guide will tick all the boxes and see you and your baby through their first few months of life.


1. Newborn Hat & Swaddle – whether you’re expecting a summer or winter arrival, you’ll need to make sure your little one is dressed when they leave the hospital. Our selection of newborn swaddles come in multiple colours and patterns so you can find the perfect one for your baby.



2. A Soft Sleep Bag – It is recommended that newborns and young babies sleep in a sleep bag or swaddle so their arms are kept down and away from their face, and they are unable to roll themselves over which could be dangerous. A sleep bag or swaddle is ideal for your little one so that they can have the safest and comfiest night sleep.

 Sleep Bags




3. Newborn Vanity Care Set – A newborn vanity set is the perfect gift for expectant mothers and makes on-the-go care simple and accessible. With various tools inside, a vanity care set is the perfect gift with ideal convenience.

Newborn Vanity Care Set


4. Thermometer – A thermometer is a must for new mothers. It can be used under the tongue or underarm, and their waterproof feature makes them ideal to test bath temperature or milk temperature. Perfect for travelling with your little one.  




5. Bottles and/or Breast Pump – However you decide to feed your baby, you’ll need to right equipment to do so. If you’re exclusively bottle feeding, then it is recommended you have 4-6 bottles in the house to cover those daily feeds. If you’re breast feeding and choosing to express, a pump and a few bottles will help you stock up on a supply of milk for your baby to give your body time to recover between feeds. We have a wide range of bottles and gift sets that are suited for newborns, as well as electric breast pump kits that have everything you’ll need.

Bottles & Breast Pumps


6. Cot/ Bassinet/ Moses Basket – Your newborn will spend most of their first few months of life sleeping. To keep them close when they do, it’s important to invest in the safest bed for your little one. A Moses Basket or Bassinet is convenient and can be moved from room to room, making it easy to keep an eye on your baby. Our range of bassinets and other sleeping equipment are perfect for your nursery with a range of designs and features.

 Cots, Bassinets & Baskets




7. Changing mat – A changing mat is an essential for your newborn for whether you are visiting family or out and about. With raised sides that help your baby feel more secure during nappy changes, our range of mats are ideal for your little one. They also come in various colours and patterns to suit your unique style.

 Changing Mats 



 8. Baby Bath Support – We carry a selection of bath supports and baby baths that will provide optimal comfort and safety for your baby while bathing, helping them sit up and stopping them from slipping in the water. We also carry bath supports that have a layer of soft material that adapts very quickly to your baby’s body temperature and bath water, thus allowing your baby to stay safe and comfortable during bath time. 

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9. Pushchair – To get from one place to the next with your new arrival, you’ll need a pushchair. In the first few months of your baby's life, it will make life easier to have one that comes with a carrycot, or a seat that you can convert into a lying position. When deciding which pushchair is right for you, it all comes down to your personal lifestyle and unique needs. Whether you need a lightweight and foldable pushchair for public transport or a slightly more robust one for off-road walks, there are many different designs to choose from.



10. Car Seat – If you’re planning on driving with your little one in tow then you'll need a carseat that meets UK safety regulations. Thankfully, several outlets offer free car seat consultations, leaving you feeling confident and at ease.